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IT Sector

          • Availability of educated low-cost human resource.
          • The state Government has announced the IT Policy 2000; IT sector identified as thrust sector by state government.
          • State Govt. taking initiative to promote IT education in schools and e-Governance.
          • Tripura considered the second best IT destination in the North East after Guwahati; Potential for setting up of IT-enabled industries.
          • Special Incentives for IT industries in the new Tripura Incentive Scheme 2007.
IT sector (including IT-enabled services) has been identified as one of major potential growth sectors by the state. The literacy rate of the State is about 74% now, which is higher than the national average. IT industry being a knowledge-based industry, educated human resource is the most promising resource of the State. It also has good network of schools and colleges spread across the State, including a National Institute of Technology (NIT), 2(two) Polytechnic colleges and 8 (eight) ITIs. For development of Human Resources for Information Technology through adoption of IT education, for boosting up investment in IT sector and also for promotion of Electronic Governance, the State Government has announced the IT POLICY 2000. The detailed IT Policy of the Government of Tripura is available at URL: www.tripura.nic.in.

Tripura has been considered the second best IT destination in the North East, after Assam, in an independent study conducted by NEDFI. The state government has also accorded special status to this industry and special incentives have been announced for IT industry in the new Incentive Package. Already Community Information Centres (CICs) had been set up in 40 rural development block. Another 45 numbers of Common Service Centre (CSCs) are proposed to be set up at the village level for delivery of citizen centric services. A regional institute of e-learning & Information Technology would be set up at Agartala by DOEACC. An IT park is being set up.

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