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Bamboo & Bamboo Handicrafts/ other Products

          • Endowed with rich and diverse resource, and traditional usage - 21 Species (Tripura) out of 130 species in India
          • Established commercial utilization of bamboo for crafts, mats, incense sticks. Industrial Products based on Bamboo can be developed.
          • Existent bamboo working skills to help build micro-industrial workforce
          • River and road transportation network
          • Established models of community and entrepreneurial initiatives
          • Cane & Bamboo Handicrafts of Tripura among the best in the country
          • Export already on; Scope to organize/ modernize.
          • Tripura Bamboo Mission is functioning through PPP framework.

Tripura Cane and Bamboo handicrafts are considered to be among the best in the country for the exquisite designs, wide range of products and artistic appeal. This industry has a great export potential as well. Steps have been taken to organize/ develop this industry on modern lines. Not only that, in view of availability of large bamboo resources in the State, industrial products like bamboo tiles, laminated products, ply, boards, corrugated sheets etc can be produced, which can be used as building materials, for furniture manufacture etc. Studies have shown that Bamboo is a very effective substitute for timber and is, in fact, better in many respects.

The State Government has launched the Tripura Bamboo Mission. The Mission is being operationalised through Private Public Partnership framework and a Bamboo Park is being set in Bodhjungnagar.

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