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Tripura is having a variety of bamboo species and the handicrafts items made from bamboo and cane are of world class. To promote bamboo based industries and handicrafts items in the state, setting up of a Bamboo Park has been conceptualized by the Tripura Bamboo Mission. The project cost of the Park is approx. Rs 29.00 crores and the park would have all sorts of common facilities for Bamboo based Industries.

Area under bamboo forests

The area in the State under bamboo forests is 2397 sq. km (as per SFAP). Though considerable bamboo exists under farm sector and on homesteads, no authentic data exists about its extent. In the farm and homestead segments, the bamboo cultivated is predominantly Bari, Barak and Muli.

Species of bamboo found in Tripura

Utilisation of bamboo in the State

Activities in the bamboo sector supported by NMBA

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